Metal Threadwork (Goldwork)

Whilst working towards my City & Guilds a gauntlet was thrown down suggesting that I would not have the patience to take on the details of “Gold Work”.  I naturally accepted the challenge and am so glad that I did.  Using metallic threads, leather pieces, beads, chippings, spangles and other items I am really enjoying designing and creating both detailed and loose contemporary pieces. 

Here I’m exploring space and time. This is a detail from a 2022 series in progress “Black Holes”

Created on black cotton with burnished gold thread. Creating straight lines is a challenge.

and here in burnished copper metal thread


This detail is from one of my personal favorite series inspired by the dancing female tomb figures from the SCVA permanent collection.


“Boteh in Red with Tassel” takes inspiration from the Norwich Shawl collection at the Castle Museum. On a wool flannel background I’ve needle felted in wool gauze and embroidered with copper and silk threads.

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