Norfolk Makers’ Festival 2022 textile exhibition is themed on “Adjustment”.

I created two pieces for submission:

It is an idea originally conceived around the movement of birds, but with recent global events the piece has come to mean so much more; a metaphor for the everchanging nature of the human world, leading to “migrations”.  Each segment similar but different, homogenous but individual when closely viewed.


Celtic Journey
This piece layers Celtic images from the Iron Age upwards drawn from the Battersea Shield (350 – 50 BC), the Wandsworth Shield (300 – 200 BC), the Stanwick Horse Mask (AD 40 – 80), a Sword Scabbard Terminal (AD 50-150), the Hunterston Broach (AD 650-750), the English Tile Collection (c1900) and a Rennie MacIntosh stylised Rose (circa 1900).

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