It has taken several years for me to have the confidence to do and to realise the benefits of sketchbook work.  Challenging myself to think and create continues to be a wonderful journey giving many ideas for textile pieces.

I am a member of a number of sketch book groups, most on line, in one of which we set a challenge every 2 or 3 weeks. Sharing ideas within a private and supportive Facebook group has been a great help with inspirations.

I would encourage all to give keeping a sketch book a go.  Having things that are tangible rather than digital continues to be fantastic, the fact that I have drawn, collaged, painted, stitched or created in some way gives it a personal and very useful touch.  My sketch books are personal to me and very much help in my creative process.  Not all ideas go any distance, in fact the majority don’t, but some do and have taken me along paths that I would never dreamed of treading a few years ago.

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