Inspired by the Battersea Shield

I have long been fascinated by Anglo Saxon art and artifacts and have used many pieces as inspiration for some of my work.

My Sea Horse was inspired by a piece from the Staffordshire Hoard, some of my goldwork designs reflect the Celtic influence of Anglo Saxon art.

The Battersea Shield is one of the most significant pieces of ancient Celtic art found in Britain. It is a sheet bronze covering of a wooden shield decorated in La Tène style. The shield is on display in the British Museum, and a replica is housed in the Museum of London.

It is an Iron Age bronze sheild, circa 350 – 50 BC, found in the Thames in 1857.

I have used the shield as my inspiration for a quadriptych.

Taking inspiraton from a workshop with Debbie Lyddon I made a mold and then 2 plaster casts of the shield.

The protective bags were made using some left over dyed wool fabric.

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