Bold Perspectives (NMF23 exhibition)

Two pieces accepted for the Textile Art Exhibition in the Forum, Norwich, as part of Makers Festival 2023.

Broad Norfolk

Broad Norfolk

Wide skies define Norfolk, especially in the flat farmlands of South Norfolk, my home. In spring the cereal crops start to grow and Sky Larks to nest.  Sewn rows disappear into the distance and the sky stretches a far as the eye can see; the view only interrupted by broken hedgerows.

Piece development:

a. Outline sketch.

b. Metal threads being couched onto black cotton background.

c & d. Details from completed piece showing variety of metal threads and seeding stitch.


Chaos – A view of the Future?

Random, irregular, swirling and patternless movement like leaves blown by tempestuous winds.

With sagacious judgement and co-ordinated global commitment this representation of entropic descent could be averted if intelligent, researched and validated changes are undertaken.  This requires a bold perspective.

Pieces of painted, hand and machine embroidered cotton fabric shapes have been stiffened with dilute PVA glue.

They have been attached randomly to a muslin background which itself is suspended within a copper frame.

Image 2 & 3 show details of the stiffened and embroidered pieces.

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