Using Colour & Texture

Colour and Texture make textile art different from other art forms.  I use dying and printing, stitching and felting and mixing paper, natural and synthetic fibres and materials to embellish my work.  All are important.

The Seasons



Created from fabric scraps, silk fibres and wool tops machine stitched together on dis-solvable membrane, then embellished with hand stitch and beads in appropriate colours.


Capturing Autumn

catching autumn

Capturing Autumn

This piece combines rust dyed silk chiffon and autumn coloured silk, metallic & cotton threads and beads with bark cloth elements.


Market Square


“Market Square”

Inspired by the coloured awnings of Norwich Market.


Colour Exercises


Layered sari silks and cotton stitching.

Le Fin

le fin

Mixed media piece with heat distressed acrylic felt, lutradur and needle felted shapes with beading and free machine embroidery.

This technique and the materials contribute to the visual texture of this piece.

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