Needle Felted Backgrounds & Additions

Boteh in Red with Tassel


Boteh in Red with Tassel

This project was inspired by the “Norwich Shawls” and the collection held in the Norwich Museum.

I dyed wool flannel and gauze with madder then needle felted the gauze and silk fibres into the flannel background and stitched with silk and metal thread using gold work and Shisha techniques.

Western Isle Project

I had a wonderful stay in the Western Isles in 2016.  There is so much inspiration up there.  This piece reflects my memories of the colour of the shallows, beach glass and shells scattered on the beaches and forests of sea kelp and other vegetation.  I’ve used silk threads with a gold work technique called “underside couching” and cotton threads trapping beach glass.  Dyed silk tops, Angelina fibres and heat distressed man-made organza represent vegetation.

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Dancing Female Figures:

The inspiration for this series has come from 3 small terracotta pieces in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA)

Dancing Female Tomb Figure

I love the sinuous form of each figure and the head shape and hair styles.

Pieces with more simple needlefelted backgrounds

Dyed muslin with silk and other fibres needle felted into calico background with simple hand stitching in foreground.

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