Norfolk Makers’ Festival 2022

Once more I’m planning to participate in Norfolk Makers’ Festival.
NMF2022 is in the Forum, Norwich, between 9th and 20th March. I should be there with both Threadheads and TOPstitch.

I’ve just submitted two images for the Juried Exhibition – “Adjustment”.



Originally conceived around the movement of birds, the piece has come to mean so much more; a metaphor for the everchanging nature of the human world, leading to “migrations”.  Each segment similar but different, homogenous but individual when closely viewed.

Created with oakleaf dyed natural materials, simply framed in khaki.

Celtic Journey: Revisited, Revised & Reworked

celtic journey: revisted, revised & reworked

Millenia, invasions, beliefs and fashions have adjusted the meaning and use of ancient Celtic symbols, art and artifacts.  

The original messages hidden in the patterns were probably protective and powerful.

This handstitched piece layers images from the Iron Age upwards*.  Modern iterations are represented, drawn from ceramic and jewellery designs.

*Battersea Shield (350 – 50 BC), Wandsworth Shield (300 – 200 BC), Stanwick Horse Mask (AD 40 – 80), Sword Scabbard Terminal (AD 50-150), Hunterston Broach (AD 650-750), English Tile Collection (c1900), Rennie MacIntosh stylised Rose (c 1900).

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